Monday, November 15, 2010

Frustrated Mom

The past three days have been excruciatingly painful and difficult for me as a mother. It’s because I failed again.

My son, Lian Ed, has been trying my patience in almost every way daily. I don’t want to assume that he is doing it on purpose, but my adult suspicious mind prompts me to think it such. The latest incident was that he punched his sister in the rib cage area, a cause of alarm for me. I have seen him frustrated, even angry at his little sister for meddling with his toys and interrupting his games. But this was the first time that he lost his control and physically hurt her.

I got scared at this act of violence. Does my son have anger problems? Definitely he has temper issues, and yes, he got it from me. But does the recent incident call for an intervention? If so, what kind? The most I could do was to write this verse on a piece of paper: Always be gentle with others (Philippians 4:5). Then, I asked him to memorize the passage this week. I am just hoping that the Word of God will take root in his heart.

Himig, my little girl, has officially entered the trying three’s stage. At three years old she is extremely curious about everything. The endless “Why Mama?” has begun. Her naughty streak surfaces once in a while, annoying her big brother and ultimately, me.

Everyday, as soon as they both wake up, I hear crying and wailing and whining and complaining. I tried my best to talk to them both and explain why fighting isn’t good, that they should love each other.

Finally, I lost my cool and for the past three days I snap at the littlest thing. I’ve screamed at the kids to stop fighting. I ignored their calls. I was just ready to break down.

Now I am at my husband’s office typing this, feeling guilty that I took flight to escape my kids. I know that my reactions to my children will have far reaching effects on them. I know that one day when they’re old enough to piece things together they would be able to say I was not patient or loving enough. I know that like me when I was a teenager, they will have their own angst-ridden advocacies against their mother! Oh what’s a frustrated mom like me going to do?


  1. Naku! I'm always like this. Really short-tempered when it comes to Rio's antics. But just recently I realized that he's been changing me or having him has been changing me. I'm still irritable, but I am starting to learn to respect his presence in our lives. And make whatever time I spend with him a really happy time for him. I guess kids are really easy to please if we try to count each and every moment with them as time well spent. They never asked to be here with us and have us as parents. So, I think it'd help to think that we should attempt to make them choose us! Of course, this doesn't always work. And the most amazing thing is, our kids will always love us and choose us even if we fail.

  2. Thanks for this beautiful comment. I agree with every single word you said. Indeed, our children are gifts from the Lord. We should always be thankful for them, no matter how much they get to our nerves. :-)